Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Heart is Overflowing

This is a thing I rarely admit to anyone: I love people. Just like that, people in my everyday life or even people I read about. I so love people who are nice to others and to the world in general, who made a discovery benefiting to the humanity or who just help an old women cross the street, those who make us laugh I love dearly and those, men AND women, who are able to give an uplifting compliment to every women they know, hence to every human being they know - we all need it. I have this thing, this moment when I feel my heart overflowing with love and joy and in some of this situations I have to restrain myself from hugging people around me.
Now don't get me wrong, I've been hurt by people and I suffered but I forget easily and I simply am not able to hate - I'm so happy about it!
I too love doing nice things for people around me. Just last week I made some "faux" cupcakes for the birthday of a young girl I work with. I bought brownies but I decorated them with cheese frosting and colorful sugar sprinkles. Everybody loved them, but there was a young girl who is allergic to peanuts and she couldn't eat them, didn't want to take a chance with bought brownies. So I decided to make it up to her and I baked  cupcakes myself, decorated them exactly like those brownies before and brought them to her in the beginning of this week. She was flabbergasted! She couldn't believe I've made those especially for her. I got a big hug and she was so happy, she even called her mom and her friends to tell them about it.
But to tell you the truth, I'm the one who has gotten the most from it: one of those priceless moments that fill your hearth with joy...


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Down And Back Again

It feels almost weird to write a blog post again but I'm so glad I'm back. Last couple of months were a bit of a roller coaster. I was struggling to maintain my daily schedule and the little energy I had went to my job, after that I was like a balloon without air. I knew it must have been a matter of health but I couldn’t find the time to go see my family doctor - you know how it is with a new job. And usually when something goes wrong in life, it's an easy downward spiral from thereon. And I went on neglecting the warning signs my body sent me until I fell unconscious and ended being transported to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with anemia, the kind that develops when the body has had a low level of iron for a long time.Two blood transfusion later I was able to go home. It took me almost another week at home to start to function normally and to slowly go back to work. There is really nothing intelligent I can say about my self-neglecting (read: stupid) behavior. I can only hope that I learned my lesson.
Why is it that sometimes you have to loose something in order to learn to really appreciate it? Like your health...or other things money can't buy.

On a more cheerful note: am I the last one who learned about Pinterest? When I came back to the blogland, the buzz war all about pinning, everywhere! Learn more about it here.
Needless to say, to an image junkie like me this is the most needed source of daily dose of inspiration.
 Thanks for visiting and please stay healthy!

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