Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seeing Behind the Clouds

The sunlight was bursting in trough the big corner windows of my new office this morning. The construction site on the opposite side of the street was already  alive and busy. Lime green accordion buses were rushing by... I was standing there immersed in this magic moment of light and color. I need a dose of simple beauty in my life every day, little things that cost nothing at all and make me very happy. I've missed so many beautiful moments like this working for 9 years in the office without windows.

Later in the day I was resting my eyes on the little sparkling white clouds chasing one another over the clear blue sky. How many amazing things we don't see around us even with our eyes open? Nature, people, events, good, bad, joy, effort, calm, love, sadness, need...some of this things may never happen again if we do not stop and acknowledge them.

The city we live in is one of those things we take for granted and forget to rediscover over and over. We have our little paths, our grocery stores, work places, schools and gyms and that's about it. Sometimes we visit a park or a theater, eat in a new restaurant. To see your city trough the eyes of a tourist visiting for a first time could put the city you know in  an entirely different perspective.

There are so many things I didn't see yet in my city. My husband and I went two weeks ago to see the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain inaugurated in 2008 for the 400th anniversary of the Quebec City. Here are some of the pictures I took:



Sherri B. said...

Yasmine, you are always so thoughtful and deep. We are creatures of habit for sure, but you are right, we can also stop and look around us and open our eyes to things that have been there all along....Your photos are great. Very interesting the one with all of the different lamp posts. Thanks for sharing and have a good night.

Yasmine said...

Sherri, those lamps are an installation of the artist Franck Bragigrand and were a gift from Netherlands to Quebec for the 400th anniversary.

Zhu said...

This is exactly why (and how) I got addicted to photography. It taught me to see things I see everyday on a whole different angle! I enjoy the beauty of little things now.

Yasmine said...

Zhu, your pictures are beautiful, I love your blog!

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