Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't keep calm and carry on

It was sort of cute in the beginning and I almost bought it for myself. Now it's all over the place and tell us what to do. And I can't even zap away, it's like an Internet pandemic.When it started to show up literally everywhere it started to loose it's charm at the same time, at least for me. Was it just a trend? Admittedly, there were several letters and words decorating trends at the same time. I admit that I would like to see some redecorating now, one can be original and still "in" and modern. No need to desperately copy each trend that shows up around Internet (owls etc).

There is of course always an exception to the rule: the only place with this poster on the wall that I realy liked was over at Moline's:
And I'm pretty sure it's because it's YELLOW. And gray. And beautifully arranged. There you have it...I simply adore Moline's style.

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