Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sidebar melt alert!

I'm in a state of panic, what should I do? My sidebar dropped completely down, right to do bottom and other inexplicable things happened. Well, OK, I am a novice, but this is ridiculous! Heeeeeelp !!! Do you know how to fix this? Please...I really love blogging... I am currently searching for solutions, apparently I'm not alone with this problem.

In the meantime, consider yourself invited to the Wonderful Color Exposition in the basement of my blog, LOL...

UPDATE : ZENITUDE is back in my life!!! As of yesterday evening everything went back to normal. And I even don't know what I did exactly to repair it... I got to admit I tried several methods found on the Web but I really don't know which one worked. Anyhow, thanks to whomever helped me, I'm a happy blogger again !


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