Monday, February 7, 2011

Building An Ice Palace

So I guess I WAS completely frozen in the end. Maybe not because of the freezing weather... I just read my last post and thought to myself that, in those almost two months since I didn't give a sign of  life, the situation didn't change much. I continued to struggle and to ask myself if I made the right decision. This really was a big change for me and it isn't over yet. What frightens me is that on the one side I appreciate the security and the stability of the job but on the other side I am overwhelmed by the desire to do something big and crazy. Like moving (again!) far away. Or creating my own company. Both of the ideas sound tempting and frightening at the same time. It's almost like a life decade thing. In my twenties I did the usual: studying, marrying and having kids. In mu thirties I started a new life and a new career in Germany. In my forties, I came to Canada and started another, completely new life and career. Well, okay, I didn't change my husband nor my kids, but everything else was new.
As I was taking a walk last week near my work place, I was passing by a construction site of the "Bonhomme  Carnaval" Ice Palace. It struck me that I was given the opportunity to build my life like the ice palace. I had to work hard and in difficult circumstances in order to build something strong and beautiful for my family. But unfortunately it couldn't last, so I had to do it all over again.
Sure It was different each time but beautiful non the less. I'm very proud actually of those palaces I had built even if they weren't meant to last. Am I ready to tackle a new one? I sure miss the excitement of it!
And as someone said it so wisely: change is the only constant thing in life... Thank you for being so patient with me!



Sherri B. said...

Yasmine, it is always so good to see a post from you. Very nice photos of the ice building.

I see you working hard and making lovely things for your family and then moving on to something else for a long time..that is just you, isn't it? You are a powerful woman full of life and you want to live it. Great people through history have done great things, not by reaching a goal and then stopping, they move on to the next goal, moving up all of the time.

I wish you well in your next venture.

Zhu said...

Lovely winter pictures! I rediscovering snow since we came back to Ottawa.

You will figure things out. I know it takes time... but you will.

Yasmine said...

Thank you, girls! Zhu, nice to have you back...

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