Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Maybe I never thought about it in this way before, but one thing struck me today: there are two kinds of objects that I have in literally every room of my house. I carefully verified and it's true. I have at least one mirror and one clock in every room. It may sound strange but I'm not vain at all, I don't need to look myself in the mirror often – on the contrary, as time and life start to show in my face I'd rather skip the mirror -  no surprise there.
I try to understand why I need a mirror of some kind in any room. Is it for decorative purposes? Is it to reflect the light? In Feng Shui mirrors should have the effect to double in real life what reflects in them: food, money, one should choose very carefully the place to hang a mirror. I'm not really following that advice but I do mind what reflects in a mirror.
What I know for sure is that I love to check briefly several times in the mirror as I prepare for work in the morning. This starts right in the bedroom: what do I look like today? Restful? Tired? Do I have to work hard to make myself presentable? It continues in the bathroom where I put my day cream and my make up. Then when I dress I also check for flaws, on me or on the clothes. And just before I get out of the house, one last never know. And I said I'm not vain? Hm, got to think about this...
And what's with the clocks? Even in the bathroom? I simply need them to reassure me in the morning as I am navigating trough the house and preparing for work. I have my little routine and clock checking is part of it. Yeah, but why am I checking the clock even on weekends? I guess I always need some “time orientation” even if it's not for work.
The worst of all, and I'm going to be very embarrassed now, I put a clock on the wall on the exterior of my house in the summer, on the patio to be more precise. What should you think of that? But that's not all. Guess what hangs on the same wall over the clock? Little round ornate decorative mirror! Go ahead, shoot me...What's with you? Do you have some must-have objects in every room of your apartment / house? Mind to share?



Ibyang said...

OMG! i also have a clock inside the bathroom. :)

and i love having mirrors around as well. i think i got that from my parents. i grew up in a home that had mirrors everywhere.

i noticed that our home (other than clocks and mirrors) have books in every room. i think i got that from Me haha :) since i was a kid, i've been fond of reading. and every room in our home has photographs. :)

Zhu said...

I have books everywhere! Other than that, not really. Pictures I guess... I often enlarge mine and hang them on the wall.

Cynthia @ Thestyleaficionado said...

I haven't completely finished decorating my house, but the inspiration board I have for each room does include a mirror. I didn't even realize it until reading this post.

I don't have a clock in my bathroom, but I definately need one.

Love your blog btw.

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